What is Gobza andHow Does it Work?

We’re glad you asked!

What Gobza means for businesses:Gobza® allows businesses large and small to post GobzaOffers®24/7/365. You control the deal. It’s free advertising! There are no limitations, no minimum requirements, no more waiting for your turn in line. You create as many deals as you want, when you want, as many times as you want.

What Gobza means for shoppers:Shoppers can search through GobzaOffers® for specific stuff. A burger, new tires for your ride, movie tickets or vacation get aways…you get to pick and choose what you want, when you want it, rather than someone else trying to sell you the “daily deal”.

Signing up with Gobza is FREE and EASY.

When you register with Gobza you get your own unique GobzaLink™. All you have to do is share your unique-to-you GobzaLink™ with any business, person, church and non-profit organization you know. IT COSTS NOTHING TO JOIN.

Is there any business on the planet that can’t benefit from FREE advertising? Is there any person you know that doesn’t want to get what they want, when they want it for less? I don’t think so!!

Tweet it to your followers, share it with your friends on Facebook, email it to your database, put the link on any website or email footer. It really is that easy. Just tell as many people as you can about Gobza, where they will be able to get what they want, when they want it, for less.

“Gobs of” opportunity for individuals, non-profits and businesses of all sizes

When you register you receive an “asset folder” filled with artwork, icons, graphics and endorsements. Just post them on your website next to those Social Media icons. Just Tweet it to your followers, share it with your friends, email it to your associates or buy a billboard on a busy freeway! Just remember, you may love friends and followers, but Gobza can turn all those friends and followers into “gobs of” cash for you.

As you share your GobzaLink™ you will begin to expand your GobzaVerse™. It may begin slowly… a business or two here and there, then 10 friends, then 50 then 100. Before long, through Gobza’s patent pending Gross Revenue Marketing™ model, you could have literally have tens of thousands of Gobza subscribers connected directly to YOU!

A GobzaVerse™ has four waves (see diagram below). All businesses and organizations are on the left, and all shoppers and buyers are on the right. Every business or shopper that clicks on your GobzaLink™ and registers, for free, goes into your first wave. Then any business of shopper that clicks on the unique GobzaLink™ of those in your second wave, are now automatically part of your third wave, and so on, and so on.

This is YOUR GobzaVerse™. If you pass your GobzaLink™ to your best friend, your best friend is in your first wave. When she passes their GobzaLink™ to the little pizza shop down the street, the little pizza shop is in your second wave. When the pizza shop sends out an email with their GobzaLink™ to their customers, those customers are now in your third wave. And when any of those customers sign up any businesses, friends or followers – they are now in your fourth wave. Get it?

Think Big. No…REALLY BIG

Imagine this…what if one of those people in pizza shop database happens to know the Vice President of McDonalds? And, what if McDonalds sees the power of reducing their advertising risk to zero through Gobza? McDonalds becomes a part of your GobzaVerse™. Now every time McDonalds makes a risk free sale through Gobza, you make 2% on the Discount Purchase Price (DPP). It sounds crazy, but it can happen.

But what happens if McDonald’s catches the vision? What if they to start signing up everyone in their database? What if they get 10,000 or 100,000 shoppers and businesses to sign up? You got it… They become part of your GobzaVerse™ and you receive a 2% commission of the DPP on every sale that it makes.

Think about it…

You make 2% every time someone in your GobzaVerse™ buys something. You make 2% every time some business in your GobzaVerse™ sells something.

EVERYBODY…every shopper, church, non-profit or business gets their own GobzaVerse™.

No one changes what they are buying.
No one changes what they are selling.

Gobza rewards you for networking your databases and address books to virally connect shoppers and businesses. Gobza will create a viral frenzy that is a perpetual, residual income stream off of what is already being bought and sold every day. Gobza costs you nothing to join; you only have gobs of things to gain.

With Gobza opportunity only comes a couple rules, so pay close attention: There are rules so make sure you read the terms and conditions. But the most important thing is that we respect the value of each unique GobzaLink™. Gobza does NOT allow you, your family or your business(es) to participate beyond your 2 “waves” of commissions. Trying to stack your waves is considered “hoarding” and is not permitted with Gobza. In fact, anything construed as “hoarding” or any attempt to manipulate the system in order to circumvent the nature of Gobza or “leap frog” any connector that passed you their GobzaLink™ can result in suspension, being banned from Gobza and the potential loss of commissions. Connectors will be able to track their waves report possible “hoarding” by subscribers

The spirit of Gobza is to share, to help, to pass freely. Go have Gobza fun, share Gobza experiences and make Gobza bucks doing it.

This innovative, patent-pending, Gross Revenue Marketing® model presents a great opportunity to earn a residual income and get savings on “What You Want, When You Want it, for LESS!”®

Be a part of the Gobza revolution. Sign up today!


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